Which do you struggle with most?

Warren Wood

01 August 2022

We’ve all stood over a wedge shot, pictured what we want to do, then proceeded to thin, fat or just mishit the ball. It’s a bitter pill to swallow – especially when you’re in a good position to get up and down - but how much does it actually cost you on the scorecard? How much could you gain from cutting those shots out?

Hitting it thin

When you catch it thin (you feel what’s happened the second it cracks off the clubface) and have to stand there watching it fly the green at 100mph before finding a nasty patch of grass lurking back there… Ouch! If there’s a hazard, deep rough or a steep slope, you could be looking at two or even three shots from a single mistake.

Fat out of the bunker

Greenside bunkers are notoriously difficult to navigate, especially if they’re deep. When the sand is soft and fluffy under the ball, it’s easy to catch the ball fat and not even get out the bunker. If your next lie is tucked inside the lip, you could need another couple of shots just to find the exit and, before you know it, you’ve taken three or more to get out.

Lacking spin

This is probably the most painful one, simply because it can look like a great shot for a long time; the ball flying straight at the pin all the way. But then, suddenly, it hops, skips & jumps well past the hole and maybe even off the green. Why? Because you didn’t get the spin it needed to stop. Yep, golf is that cruel.

"If you struggle with any of these issues, your best bet is to pay us a visit."

But what’s the main cause of these mistakes? The wrong wedge? Technique? Luck? You might have nice wedges in your bag with great grooves, but if you don’t have the right wedge for the shot you’re trying to pull off then you’re not giving yourself the best chance. Luckily for you, that's where we can help!

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